Biotique Apricot Body Gel - Apricot 210ml RETML200006

CA $11.35
  • A refreshing gel containing Apricot, Kernel Oil, Wild Turmeric, Kurchi and Soap nut
  • It cleanses without dehydrating
  • removing all microbes and pollutants.
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Experience this Apricot Body Gel, brought to you by nature?s wonder, Biotique. This product is a refreshing body wash, soap-free. This wash contains apricot kernel oil, turmeric and soap nuts. The apricot is perfect for gently and effectively exfoliating you skin. The apricot kernel oil removes all pollutants and microbes that your skin carries from the environment and cleanses it, without drying out your skin. Apricot kernel oil also has intense moisturising properties, which feed your skin the moisture it needs to look and feel its best. This organic wash also contains turmeric which is known to reduce puffiness, acts as an antibacterial and aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Soap nut contains saponins, which are perfect for cleansing skin. It is an organic product used among many cultures as a natural cleanser, yet also having properties that will alleviate skin problems, such as eczema, therefore making it a strong ingredient that is suitable for the most sensitive skin.


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