Eogro Ice Scraper for Cars and Small Trucks -Window Glass Windshield Granite Wall Snow Cleaning Hand Shovel Tool

CA $11.16
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Compared with plastic ice scraper, our ice scraper with heavy duty ABS blade combined thick stainless steel making it more solid, durable, and more efficient in crushing ice.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGNED: The anti-slip handle of this ice scraper provides a comfort secure grip; labor saving. The thumb area and finger area on the handle provides a premium usage experience. Hanging hole makes it convenient to hang or tie up.
  • SAFETY FOR WINDSHIELDS: Straight scraper edges smoothly and easily crushes ice and snow without scratching your windshield and car paint.,smooth and seam design without plastic sharp edges means all the details covered.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND EFFICENT: Lightweight and portable, this ice crusher provides you with a more convenient, efficient, labor saving way of ice cleaning. Heavy snow in winter will never be a problem again with snow brushes and ice scraper.
  • A GODD HELPER:our scraper is usefulto clean your car glass, shovel snow, eliminate ice, scrape wather, scrape frost, protect rain wiper, improve driving safety.
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Easy to remove the thick ice and snow
Anti-skid material between hardness and softness
Stainless steel support of the blade strengthen the hardness,no broken
Delicate and cabinet, handle the arc design, energy saving
Compact, with curved handle design, easy to use, easy cleaning
Small portable, Compact easy to carry or store conveniently in your glove boxes.
In winter, car essential supplies, easily remove the thick ice, snow
Winter snow removal and other clean car de-icing work.
Material: Stainless steel,rubber,ABS
Size: 9.8*5.5inch
Package includes:
1 x Ice Scraper


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