Kingfansion_Home pH Test Strips 160ct - Tests Body pH Levels for Alkaline & Acid levels Using Saliva and Urine

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  • ❤️WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH, TEST DON’T GUESS! – If you are looking for an easy, reliable and cost-effective way to accurately monitor the pH levels in your urine or saliva, then the HealthyWiser pH test strips are going to make your life easier!
  • ❤️ EASY, QUICK& AFFORDABLE WAY TO MEASURE BODY ACIDITY! – Now you can effortlessly measure the pH of the ONE thing that needs your ultimate care: YOUR BODY. Track your body pH by testing your saliva & urine. These Strips are INCLUSIVELY helpful to EVERYONE- no matter what your condition is; for both adults and kids. Whether you're healthy & need to maintain your body that way. Or if you have a certain medical condition you wish to manage & recover from diabetes, joint pain, arthritis,osteoporosi
  • ❤️BONUS Package - Alkaline Food Chart + 21 Alkaline Recipes will be emailed as a PDF after your purchase. Email us via Amazon along with your ORDER ID if you don't get the BONUS items in your email.
  • ❤️MAKE ALL THE RIGHT ADJUSTMENTS & BOOST YOUR LIFESTYLE! –The HealthyWiser durable and high-quality pH test paper is ideal for home use. Dual pad ensures super accuracy with results in 15 seconds & are made out of high-quality imported filter paper & reagent from Germany and Japan so strips won't bleed like litmus paper.
  • ❤️CHEMISTRY IS NOT SO HARD AFTER ALL! –When it comes to precision and simplicity, our elite pH monitoring test paper is unmatched. You’ll have rapid results and be able to keep track of any liquid’s pH balance easily! BE HEALTHY & WISER INSTANTLY! – The HealthyWiser pH test paper is eco-friendly, accurate and extremely reliable. And if you are not 100% satisfied, we proudly offer a 90-day, full refund guarantee!
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Take accurate alkaline/acid tests with this pack of 160 Litmus paper strips which come in 5 individually sealed books. Each book also includes a colour chart.
The scale reads from 1 to 1:
1 - indicates a very acidic substance
- 6 indicates an acidic substance
7 indicates neutral
- 11 indicates alkalinity
12 - 1 indicates a very high level of alkalinity
Make sure your water is safe before using: Litmus paper is invaluable for testing the acid and alkaline levels in all kinds of applications from spas, ponds and aquariums to conducting scientific experiments.
Package Content:
2x0 Strips Full Range pH Alkaline Acid 1-1 Test Paper


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July 25, 2018
No clue what this says as it in not in English. I don't think the strips work either. They just turn a wet, not an actual color that matches any of those listed on the package.
annie landry
October 11, 2018
As described
September 25, 2018

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