Lumax LX-1300 Black Lever-Action Bucket Pump for 5 Gallon Pails

CA $36.39
  • Portable - clamps to any 25-50 pounds/ 5 gallon pail
  • All steel pump has 1-1/2 inches inlet and 1/2 inches outlet port
  • Zinc plated corrosion-resistant suction tube
  • Self-priming delivers 1 quart per 12 strokes
  • 5 feet oil resistant flex hose with curved nouncezle
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The lever-action bucket pump uses smooth, easy pumping action and dispenses all types of lubricants, even in the coldest weather. It is ideal for transferring motor oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, heavier oils and other automotive additives. Rust resistant ribbed cover assembly firmly clamps to any 5-50 pounds / 5 gallon pail using adjusting screws to accommodate variations in drum diameter. This all steel pump has an 8 inches x -/ inches zinc plated, corrosion-resistant suction tube with a -/ inches inlet and a / inches outlet port and a 5 feet oil resistant flex hose with curved nozzle. The head of the pump is made of heavy-duty, lucast, cast-alloy material which is heavier and has a reinforced wall thickness for extra strength and durability. This pump is self-priming , delivers quart per strokes, and has a pump lever with an oil resistant, contoured grip for comfort and safety.


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