Moon Glow - Blacklight Neon Eye Shadow 0.12oz Blue – Glows brightly under Blacklights / UV Lighting!

CA $6.29
  • Bright, neon coloured in natural light, and produces an incredible glow under UV Lighting / Blacklights!
  • Perfect for festivals, clubbing, parties, fancy dress and anywhere with UV lighting / blacklights!
  • Non Toxic. Conforms to EU1223/2009.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.
  • Genuine Moon Glow branded product.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Create stunning effects around the eyes using Moon Glow Neon UV Eye Shadow. Bright, neon coloured in natural lighting, they fluoresce spectacularly under UV Lighting / Blacklights, producing an incredible UV Glow. Perfect for clubbing, parties, festivals, UV sports, stage performances and anywhere with UV Lighting. To use, simply apply around the eyes using fingertips or makeup brush. Avoid Contact with eyes. Add more layers (once dry) to increase the effect under UV. After use, simply remove using makeup wipes. All Moon Glow cosmetic and special effect products are proudly made in the UK. Conforms to EU1223/2009. Moon Glow products are not tested on animals.


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