Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill Kebab BBQ Portable Mangal Grill Mangal Prestige

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These Charcoal Grills have been sold and tested in Europe for over 3years and today are available in USA and Canada It is also called Mangal, Kebab grill or Brazilian BBQ and is used to cook Souvlaki, Kebab, Shashlik, etc. Its size and design allow you to use it in two different ways simultaneously. One part of the BBQ could be used with skewers while the other side could be used with a grill top or a warm tray. Family size Grill. (Capacity of 15 skewers). 10 high quality stainless steel skewers included. (perfect thickness, don't bend under meat weight, ideal length). 1 stainless steel grill top included. 1 warm tray included. 1 pair of tongs included. 2 grid holders -All boxes will be opened in order to add a set of skewers and immobilize the content for safe shipping. -Requires a little assembly (Legs and Vents Valves Only)


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September 7, 2017
Great little grill! Nice and portable with the folding legs. High heat from coals has colored and created some wavy effects on the side-walls, but no impact on usability. All welds, etc. remain solid. Have used this mainly for Shashlik skewers (pork and chicken cubes marinated for 1-2 days). Delicious results with rave reviews from guests. I recommend this grill without reservations!
Maya El Bitar
October 22, 2017
Highly recommend it to everyone looking for a charcoal grill. Excellent quality and price is hard to beat. High quality thick gauge stainless steel. Only thing is Iu2019m not sure what the side bolts do (the ones which fit inside the springs and hold the heat plates in place) as no manual/catalogue was included in the box
Naveed Safdary
March 29, 2017
Well worth the money! I own the smaller kind and purchased this one because of the quality and design of this product.
August 21, 2018
Great product!
Very well made in Germany!(not China)
Promt delivery(got it next day)
Very reasonably priced(i was looking for mangal style grill allover GTA,prices was out of this world and quality not as good)
I would recommend this grill to anyone who is looking for Mangal style grill without hesitation!
July 18, 2018
After a month of use its still going strong. I have already tried to make shaslyk, lula kebab, grilled fish and everything coming up very good.
More stuff to try on the way!
July 28, 2018
Great product. Easy to assemble, light comfortable hight. Shish kabobs come perfect.
snejana chirkoff
June 11, 2018
Amazon Customer
August 11, 2016
well made - removal of used charcoal not as easy- wish it had a lid

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