Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, 6 Packs Key Racks Organizer - Wall Mounted Decoration Without Drilling K-6

CA $16.31
  • ✔ INSTALLED IN A MINUTE - Without drilling. Just peel off the 3M tape and apply your key racks sticky to any surface you want to hang your keys.
  • ✔ USE STRONG MAGNETS - Magnets built-in this key holder are so strong to hold up 3 pounds that you don't need to worry about your keys dropping or dangling.
  • ✔ HANG YOUR KEYS ANYWHERE YOU WANT - It's time to say goodbye to your traditional key rack. You will get many convenient spots at home and office to hang your keys on.
  • ✔ ONE SET IS ENOUGH - There are 6 magnetic key racks in the package. And we provide 4 extra pieces of 3M adhesive tapes in case of wrong installation.
  • ✔ NOT ONLY FOR KEYS - What this little item can do is not only your keys, but also any other little res made of metal. Such as cable, knife and anything you can imagine.
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March 4, 2017
These little key holders may not look like much, but they'll probably surprise you -- both by how magnetically strong they are and by how wonderfully convenient it is to be able to hang up your keys (or other metal objects) in any of a number of places. I have nice key hooks by my front door, but I'm not always in the mood to go walking to the door (e.g., I'm about to fall asleep and realize my keys are still in my pocket).

The holders allow you to hang up just about any relatively small metallic object. As you'll note from my photos, they work even with a wall that is not precisely smooth and you can hang up things like scissors as well as keys. What this means to me is that I have to look in several places to find my keys, but not several dozen places and not underneath a pile of books or socks that I forgot to dump into the laundry. :-)

These key (or some other object) holders are very convenient and stick well to the wall with their 3M adhesive. Just peel off the backing on both sides of a pad, stick the pad onto one of the magnets, and stick the other side of the pad to the wall. You're ready to stop misplacing your keys.
Timothy Dolman
March 7, 2017
I didn't think their would be so many at first and they're so handy. I've use them in my computer room for USB and my HDMI switch. The adhesive is strong and easy to put on the magnet that can hold up my box opening knife. The adhesive does not stick to skin so I was really happy that I did't have magnets stuck to my skin. I would highly recommend this to people who want to organize their keys, knives and USB. I now have a clean set-up from this strong and reliable product. To give you an idea of how easy these are to install all you have to do is peal one side of adhesive and stick it on the magnet then peal the other side and stick it on the object you would like your keys to hang off. I have already used all the magnets to help with house keys and USB organization. Amazing Product !!!!
April 19, 2017
I always lose my keys so these have been a godsend for me now that I can feel secure knowing that my keys are not going to unexpectedly go missing or otherwise be misplaced. Application of this product is very easy and once it's secured to the wall, it has an amazing grip that won't lose strength in any short time. It can hold a lot of weight with ease which allows this to be versatile in it's usages. It's a very convenient product which helps to de-clutter your day-to-day life.
January 11, 2018
Got them really quickly, they hold our keys just fine. The part that sticks to the wall is uber sticky, so choose your spot well first. If the keys fall off, get a bigger/rugged key chain loop. So far they've been great...discreet, & effective.
Clive Hamilton
February 18, 2018
They do exactly what they show they do. My keys are moderately heavy and these magnets hold them up with no problem.
February 8, 2018
Reasonable price for a fair amount of Magnetic Key Holders.Strong magnet.
July 3, 2018
We LOVE these! I wish everything was magnetic now!
January 11, 2018
Simple, and strong.

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