Towing Mirrors, YINTATECH Power Heated Pair Side Tow Mirrors Door Side Mirror for 07-14 Chevy GMC Truck



CA $111.99
  • Towing Mirrors fitment: 2007-2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 (Exclude 2007 CLASSIC); 2007-2014 GMC Sierra 1500 (Exclude 2007 CLASSIC); 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500HD/3500 HD; 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500 HD.
  • Towing Mirror comes as a PAIR Fits both LH (Driver Side) RH (Passenger Side).
  • Tow Mirror comes with the correct power plug-in connector for quick hassle free installation.
  • Top quality reflective glass ensures less distortion,Black Ultra Strong textured housing.
  • Tow Mirrors improve visibility and reduces blind spot, upgrading on road safety, also can dramatically improve styling and appearance.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!


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April 5, 2018
I own a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche and the driver front mirror was shaking while I was driving. It got quite annoying and fell off the mount a few times so decided to invest in a new pair of mirrors. I went to my local dealership and they wanted over $700 for an OEM and only came with 1 mirror which was insane. My mirror has all the functions. Power fold (which means the fold in with a push of a button,) park assist (curb assist as some call it,) dim feature on the driver side mirror, heated mirrors, auto adjusting. I googled every place, including Rock Auto but found no results. I decided to invest in some towing mirrors as i going to be using the truck to tow some things in the future but they do offer safety as well. Instead of shoulder checking all the time and taking your eyes off the road, you have your blind spot covered. Now you don't really have to, you have view of the road and the vehicles beside and behind you (Kidding aside). After weeks of research, i came across these in a recommendation from Amazon. I was a bit skeptical on purchasing these because i have not seen these types of mirrors with the front turning signal and these types of mirror designs for the 07-13 models and I only saw them for the 14 and up models, so i didn't believe it and also there was not one single review on the mirror because the older models usually just have the flat black on them with no signal on the front but i decided to take the chance and if they were wrong i would return them. Received them quickly and came in large box with two separate Styrofoam containers for the left mirror and right mirror. The mirrors were wrapped up with plastic wrap to protect the mirror and in a cloth bag covering them. Removal of the mirror was simple, remove the 3 10mm bolts and remove the door panel. I didn't take the panel all the way out, seems to be too much work. Just rest or let it hang gently while you remove the 3 10mm nuts holding the mirror to the door then remove the wiring harness and out it comes. The 3 nuts that are supplied with the mirror were way too small, so i just reused the old ones as they had a bigger washer. In addition, the packaging came with a piece of paper of this "so-called" wiring diagram for the clearance light and also a long wire which as a positive and a negative and a connector at the end. You will have to find your own wring diagram for the vehicle to wire it up. I have yet to wire it up but when i do i will update this review but it either has to be wired to the reverse lights or the dome lights. After installing, wow! The truck looks way better now. There is a signal on the top glass and on the front of the mirror and works like factory. The heated glass feature i am not able to comment on that because it's not winter here yet but hopefully it works. The top glass on either side works like factory but the bottom glass is manual where you have to stick your hand out the window and adjust it. There is no curb assist but with how the mirror looks, you do not need it. *One thing to remember* Turn off the curb assist in your settings if you have it. I forgot and put it in reverse and the mirrors started to flip out, trying to move down and up. I had to remove the switch and disconnect the harness to stop it from going crazy. This feature many love is the power folding and starting off, this mirror doesn't come with it. It is manual where you push it to fold it side to side and extend the mirror. GM doesn't make a mirror or any aftermarket companies with power folding feature for the 07-13 models which is disappointing because that is a feature i enjoyed. Otherwise the mirror is great, it functions great and well worth the price. If you’re looking for aftermarket mirrors, invest in these because these are great mirrors and hopefully they last.

Update (2 months): I have had the mirrors for quite some time now, and they are working out great. The visibility is excellent, you can see everything very clearly, and one noticeable thing though is the mirror glasses do shake slightly. I contacted the company and they said it could be manufacturing defect so it might just be mine. Anyway, a shake isn't going to stop me from using them. The clearance lights i did wire up. It was a bit of a pain but comes out so much better in the end. I will go into detail so it may be helpful for someone else. I started from the mirror connection and ran the two wires through the door harness on both sides and ran it down behind the trim panels and underneath the door sills on both driver and passenger sides. The wire isn't very long so i had to buy some more wire. Smallest wire i could find at my local hardware store is 18 AWG (white and black.) I connected the white wire to the white wire and black to gray (with solder and heat shrink.) The passenger side was harder because there isn't a wiring harness running down from the interior to the bottom of the vehicle so i had to run both wires from the passenger side to the driver’s side, running it under some trim panels and neatly tucked away. Getting it to the driver’s side and running it underneath the carpet to the wiring harness that runs to the frame of the vehicle. I bought some wiring harness protector and ran all four wires through it to the back of the vehicle feeding it off to the reverse lights on the driver side and running the rest of the wires to the passenger side reverse lights (zip tie them to the park assist wiring harness.) I spliced into the reverse lights and soldered them and wrapped electrical tape around the connections. This whole process was done on a 2007 Avalanche but it is the same for Tahoe, Suburban, any GMC Truck, and most Silverado's. Wiring it to the BCM like most would say is a great idea because it is right under the dash but after multiple wiring diagrams, There is only power and no ground. Grounding it to the frame isn't a great idea for these lights. It would continue to flicker, but after the install. The lights would great, they are very bright and turn of when the reverse lights come on at night. The also add visibility when backing up because they come on when you put it reverse especially when you have a backup camera.

Update 2 (8 months): After having the mirrors on the truck for little over 8 months, i am going update on the results. The mirrors are still holding up great, there is no damage to the outside of them (nor the turning signal or glass including the housing). I really like the signal on the front (and back) but mainly on the front for visibility. It adds an extra level of safety, especially the drivers i deal with that can't see turn signals and can't even drive! It is holding up quite well even with the abuse that it has been put up with. The clearance lights I wired up to my reverse lights come on when I unlock my truck at night and also when I remove my key at night so I know if they come on or not. One night I was just about to get out of my truck and realized that the driver side clearance light was not working. I thought tapping it would assist it to work but it never did. Therefore I had to do some digging to see if it was a wiring problem and it turns out it wasn’t and it was the LED that was burning out. I am SUPER disappointed because in no way I thought it was going to burn out but apparently it did. So now I only have one working on the passenger side. Therefore, because of that I have to change my rating from a four star to three star because I personally think that is unacceptable and unfortunately there is no way for me to get at the LED’s in the housing to change them or replace them. In addition there are also a few more disadvantages that i will list that i have encountered:
- Both sides (top) glass shake quite significantly while driving even on smooth pavement. Now i have spoken to the manufacture and they said this could be a manufacturing defect and might not be like that all models but i didn't want to take them off and send them back, it would just be a pain in the a** and i don't feel like going through the trouble so i guess i can live with it.
- The bottom glass isn't heated which I SO WISH it was. Both top glass are heated but the bottom isn't because in my climate in Canada and our very harsh winters which we recently got lots of snow, rain, and cold weather and it accumulates on the glass and gets stuck to it. So the only way to remove it is scrap it off but if you scrap it then it messes up the position you had it in and it is very sensitive on the location and moves very easy. So it would be great if it was heated where it would melt the snow off.
- My old mirrors had the dimming feature on the driver side to prevent excess glare from headlights, the new mirrors do not have that option and because of the size it provides a light show (at night) when driving and sometimes gives you a headache with the light shining at you. You either have to tilt the mirror down and screw the position up or slow down and let them pass which isn't something that is always an option.
- Power folding feature, there has been a few times that i needed the mirrors to fold in and i have the habit of pressing the button to have them automatically folding in but nothing happens (Just for the FYI, because the mirrors are disconnected and they button is pressed, it will set a code in the BCM in the driver window and passenger window switch but that is because nothing is connected.) So when you need to go into a tight space (STOP, get out and run around to the passenger side, push to FOLD the mirror in and then run back around and get back in the vehicle.) The driver side you can just stick your hand out the window and fold it in, it does get annoying after a while and can be a pain especially if you are used to your vehicle that came with that feature. If it didn't then you wouldn't know and would be already used to the manual way.
- Sometimes the mirrors twist and go out of control (i still have yet to figure out why) because it says that the park tilt mirrors need to be disabled which i have done but it still does it. I have a slotted (flat) screwdriver in my console which i use to pry up my driver window switch to disconnect the mirrors then it will stop and plug it back in and everything would be okay. If anyone has any idea, please let me know in the comments because i am stumped and makes the mirrors go CRAZY. It really pisses me off because it screws up the position they were in and i am OCD with people or anything screwing up my mirrors. *(I have owned my truck for 5 years now and i am still adjusting my seat for a comfortable position to ride in and can't find a good position. Just shows that i am OCD, so when people screw with my seat or mirrors and i am NOT happy!)*
- Extending mirrors, while towing my snowmobile and ATV on my trailer. I was able to see quite well and able to see the trailer visibility significantly without extending the mirrors but i thought i would utilize them extending function to its full effect to see if it would provide any benefit. When i tried to extend it, it was quite tough to extend. I tired and had to use significant force to pull them out but once i had pulled them out then everything worked great. I did spray some WD-40 to lubricate it and now works perfectly as it should have. It is now able to slide smoothly with a little lubricant. With the mirrors fully extended, i am able to see a little better but because the trailer isn't that wide (about the size of my truck) it doesn't really make a huge difference. You do have better visibility but it is there is no huge difference with them retracted in. NOW, i am not saying this on all trailers such a travel trailer or a fifth wheel. If you are towing something long and huge then this would benefit greatly because something that is wider than your truck would make a big difference and provide much more visibility but when you have the trailer off the truck make sure you retract the mirrors in because now your truck is even wider with the mirrors extended. I went to park into a spot and never realized there where extended and almost hit both mirrors on the trucks beside me, it was my fault but i quickly realized it but it was a pain because i had to back up and stick my hand out the driver side window and push it in then walk around the truck to push the other side in then pull into the spot.
Overall, the mirrors are working out to fairly good mirrors with a few minor things but i guess i can't complain for the price and the do look amazing and provide AMAZING visibility even with towing my snowmobile and ATV on my trailer. You can see everything with confidence. I would still say i recommend these mirrors for anything looking for a replacement set of mirrors because these appear to be durable but the quality I think it lacking in my opinion. This isn’t superior quality and I personally wish there was a few features that were included with the mirror that I listed because in my opinion, I rather spend a little more to get a little more but unfortunately manufactures have yet to come out with a towing mirror with all those types of features and since they are already "old" trucks i do not believe they are going to come out with anything as new technology has come out. In summary, this is probably going to be the last update I make about this mirror so would I recommend this mirror? The answer is YES but if your concerned about problems with the mirror, keep looking because there always better out there.
Frank Warkentin
May 20, 2018
I received the mirrors very quickly, and did not want to chance installing them myself, so I had the garage, Auto Pro, which I deal with, install them. The mirrors installed very well, look great and work great. They are solid, and do not vibrate. I must have read the original write up the wrong way. These mirrors are power adjust, but are not power extend like I expected. They are manually extended and contracted. But I am still happy with them. They were only installed yesterday. I will come back at the end of the summer and add to this review, after I have had experience with them.
November 22, 2017
They fit very well and I had the good fotune that the signal lights worked as soon as plugged them in to the stock sockets. Signals were not on my original factory mirrors so I thought I would have to have the control module reprogrammed. They seem very sturdy at low or high speed for good visibility
troy thompson
June 10, 2018
These mirror fit well and install easily. All functions work well. The finish looks like factory, but you can see some quality differences. I only needed the passenger side, so I still have the factory drivers side mirror on my truck. When driving at highway speeds I find the upper mirror wigglesflutters in the wind and is annoying to look at. The factory mirror does not move at all and stays solid.
September 16, 2017
Arved on time and damage free. I was a little skepical about the wiring because on the blue plug on both sides there was less wires than on the OME mirrors. All functions worked and easy to install.
Mike h.
December 9, 2017
Mirrors were as good a quality as any . I returned only because they seemed that they would sit on more of an angle than i would have liked . Instead of pointing straight out from truck they would have pointed upwards like 22’ degrees .
September 18, 2017
The fit and finish are good. Installed just as OEM ones would. All features work. My only disappointment is excessive vibration when traveling at highway speeds compared to OEM. But for less than half the price the trade off is worth it. Hoping they last for the long haul.
June 1, 2018
The mirrors work good. The complaint is the wiring harness was short about a foot. I could not use clips and follow the original harness track. I had to poke holes and stretch straight accross. Still too tight but got it to work.

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